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So, this is what they mean by "freezing rain," heh

These pics--showing a thin layer of bumpy iciness--are from a patio table and tarp on my back porch. Anything that looks wet is actually icy. I've never experienced "freezing rain" before. Heh, me and the kids were literally baptized in the stuff as we ran from my daughter's school to the truck this afternoon. Well, okay, it was more of a slightly stinging Anabaptist sprinkling, but it did the deed. As far as freezing rain goes, this isn't all that bad, so say my neighbors. Makes for slippery walking and the D.C. communters are having a horrible time (my husband phoned to say he's gone all of 1 mile in the last half an hour). There's a forcast for a bit more tonight, but temps should warm up by morning commute time. Welcome to Virginia, heh.

(Images: mine)


Here in the Mid-South, we get the lovely stuff often (lovely, of course, spoken with pure sarcasm). It's a booger to drive on, and can weigh down power lines to the snapping point. A few years ago, the town's water pump froze and broke, so not only did we not have electricity, we had no water. After about two days of that, I contacted a friend who still had all amenities in a nearby city, told my mom, and we spent several days there until all the ice melted and repairs could proceed. So far this winter, however, my area has been plagued very little with freezing rain or even snow (which the area children wish were not so!).