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More on life in "Knocked Up"

Heads up, Peter Chattaway has posted another interesting rumination on Knocked Up, a film this blog saw last weekend. The film follows Alison and Ben and an unexpected pregnancy that results from their one-night stand, their decision to keep the baby and the effects that has on them and their family and friends. Along with several other films last year (including Juno, Waitress, Bella and Children of Men), Knocked Up has garnered considerable attention in terms of its life-affirming themes, particularly when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. Surprisingly, in spite of the raunchy comedy it is (it definately deserves its R rating), I found the film pretty interesting and even poignant. Anyway, Chattaway (who's already written several times on the subject) is wondering if perhaps this film isn't more "pro-life" than Juno, which is in the running at the Oscars tomorrow. Head on over and see what you think.

Warning: Again, please be forewarned that this film definitely deserves its R rating for its crude and raunchy content and language as well as some sexual content.

(Image: copyrighted by via Rotten Tomatoes)