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I almost missed this one

I haven't seen it (yet), but There Will Be Blood is a hot Oscar contender this year—and there’s been quite a heated and interesting discussion about its worthiness at Barbara Nicolosi’s Church of the Masses. I enjoy Nicolosi's blog; this self-described “maffioso for Jesus” has a perspective and voice that keeps me coming back for more. Heh, I must admit, I about died when I read her original post that has so-far spawned 99 comments (to get to them, go to the main blog page, scroll down to the post and hit “comments” here) in a dialogue that features the likes of fav-critics-of-this-blog Jeffrey Overstreet and Peter Chattaway as well as Christianity Today editor Mark Moring—I don’t recognize any other names, but then I’m an arm-chair film buff and not industry in-the-know.

For another discussion on the film, see the forum at Arts & Faith. The topic begins back in 2005, but you can scroll down to the bottom of the first page and see discussion that began after the film was released.

(Image: Paramount via Wikipedia)


FWIW, you can go straight to the comments via this link:
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