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The Kingdom at Jesus Creed

Heads up, folks: Scot McKnight is doing a series on the relationship of the church to the Kingdom on his blog, Jesus Creed. When he explained why he's doing the series, here's a reason that caught my attention:
. . . many today have chosen to prefer “kingdom” over “church” in a way that is not unlike this idea: as I like Jesus instead of the Church, so I like kingdom instead of Church. This concerns me, and it concerns me deeply. It plays off the distinction between kingdom and church in a way that is out of line with what the New Testament says.

Amen. While I may be among those that believe we'd do well to rethink how we do church today, I only grow more and more in love with the people of God and long for us to live as he calls and enables us to be as the body of Christ. I can't imagine abandoning her. Anyway, McKnight posted his fourth post today--catch up on one, two and three.