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Iowa Caucases

Here in the U.S. the first big event of the presidential election season happened last night: the Iowa Caucases, an event in which residents of the state vote for the candidate of their respective parties that they hope to see on the ballot in the presidential election.* Though it's far from a perfect projection, the event gets a lot of media attention because it is the first such event of the season and tends to be an indicator of which candidate gets their party's ticket.

Last night was a surprise of sorts. A month or two ago, I wouldn't have predicted that Mike Huckabee (R) and Barack Obama (D) would have won this round. I must admit, I'm finding this year's elections one of the most interesting I've lived through.

For an interesting conversation about the results among at least one segment of Christians (who appear to be all over the map when it comes to party affiliation), head over to Jesus Creed.

*Added note: Okay, I've come to find out that it's actually (much) more complicated than that; they are actually voting for delegates, but the number of delegates are determined by which candidate the residents prefer. Or something like that.

(Image: slice of the US Great Seal)