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Food for thought: A people

I ran across this tidbit in the comments section (which weaved in a lot of interesting topics) of a recent post at the Doable Evangelism Thoughts blog at Off the Map. It's from a "nutshell" summary of the Great Commission by a fellow named Ken (and I love it):
Well, if I were living out my faith in seeking to follow the Great Commandment (love God/love your neighbor), some people who formerly knew me as ‘jerk’ might take notice. But then they could rationalize that I had matured, or that it was a freak of nature, or that religion did me good, or whatever. They might even listen to what I have to say just because I was a curiosity – an anomaly of human nature. BUT if there were an entire community like me, a people who place the needs of others first, a people who reach out to the disenfranchised in the community, a people who give attention and build relationships with those that society deems marginalized, a people who do not seek retaliation, and above all a people who openly and unashamedly care about one another – well, that’s a different story! They couldn’t very well blow that off, now could they? They would come face to face with evidence of the Kingdom of God – and they would find a nurturing community in which they could be discipled in understanding the way.
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