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27 (and more) films that portray Christianity in a postive way

A huge hat tip to Jeffrey Overstreet for this list by film reviewer Steven D. Greydanus of "twenty Hollywood movies made since the turn of the millennium that present Christianity in a positive light.” Overstreet posted the list (which actually includes 27 films) in the context of ruminating about his frustration with the call of some Christians to boycott anything that comes out of Hollywood in spite of the fact that there are many laudable films that portray God and spiritual truths in a positive light. In other words (heh, mine), they are throwing the baby (a very valuable one at that) out with the bathwater.

Overstreet adds that he doesn't think "Greydanus is claiming that these films qualify as profound spiritual explorations. But they do stand in stark contrast to the claim that 'Hollywood' (as if that was just one company, united under Satan) is operating under a mandate to slander and destroy Christianity." Heh. Anyway, here they are:
Amazing Grace
America’s Heart and Soul
Because of Winn-Dixie
Bridge to Terabithia
Charlotte’s Web
Cinderella Man
Count of Monte Cristo, The
Exorcism of Emily Rose, The
Ladder 49
Lars and the Real Girl
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Nativity Story, The
New World, The
Patriot, The
Return to Me
Rookie, The
6th Day, The
Tears of the Sun
Walk to Remember, A
We Are Marshall
World Trade Center
X2: X-Men United
Overstreet asked his readers to add to the list (reminding them that to qualify and keep in theme with the list above the films need to be from "a major American studio"). Here's what came up:
Walk the Line
I Am Legend
Van Helsing
King Arthur
On the Waterfront
A River Runs Through It
The Mission
An Affair to Remember (original)
The Bucket List
There was a slew of other films discussed that were independent or foreign (like Millions, The Apostle, and Junebug). Also, a couple of television shows made the discussion (The West Wing, Lost, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Friday Night Lights, X-Files, Millenium and Firefly).

Great lists and great discussion!