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'I Am Legend' and some media God-talk

A couple of weeks ago, this blog wondered about the possibility of God-talk in Will Smith's I Am Legend, which opens today. Looks like the film's got it--even more so than I thought.

Take a gander at this Christianity Today review (which gives it 2.5 out of 4 stars due to the reviewer's opinion that it slides down from a potential thoughtful film to a simple action/horror film). Here's CNN's review, which says the "movie gets God in the comely intervention of born-again Alice Braga." And then take a look at some of the pre-release talk from Kyle Smith (hat tip Peter Chattaway), who called the film "a rare Hollywood movie in that it contains a pro-God message in the midst of a scientific inquiry into the nature of the cure for a supervirus" and observes that "in a third-act twist, it turns out that religion and blind faith will have equally important roles to play if there is to be a cure–you might also use the word 'salvation'–for humanity."

And then there's this interesting tie-in: the God Still Loves Us campaign. Apparently, in the film there are posters with this slogan. Well, FilmPlugBlog puts two and two together and comes up with what he suggests is "a smart guerrilla campaign." Hmm.

Me, I probably won't get to the theater for this one, even though I'd really like to (babysitters seem to be an endangered species these days). I'm a Will Smith and sci-fi fan, and this one looks like it's worth the price of admission. One can always hope, heh.

(Image: Warner Bros)