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Updating the sidebar

The list of blogs I visit has shifted somewhat over the last couple of weeks with a few additions and one (sadly) deletion. Kari has closed up shop on Healed Waters. I got to know Kari a bit through e-mails outside of blogging and I will miss her presence on the ‘net.

And now the additions:

The Red Webs: This is (finally!) a blog by a couple of incredibly talented friends of mine who I got to know whilst living in Alabama. The blog focuses more on their private life at the moment, but I’m hoping they branch out and begin sharing their years of experience in performance arts and other artistic endeavors both in and outside church walls. In the meantime, you can see a sample of their work on YouTube (and that’s the two of them in action here).

Jeff Berryman: I stumbled on this blog a couple of weeks ago and I’m hooked. Jeff is an actor, writer and playwright who recently also took on the role of preacher—and I’m regularly challenged and encouraged by his reflections.

Swinging from the Vine: I found Makeesha’s blog through Emerging Women. She’s currently involved in a missional community of the type I’d love to experience and I’m really enjoying her insights, experiences, questions and discoveries along the Way.

Give them a visit--and may you enjoy them as much as I do.


Mirtika said…
I too mourned the closing shop of Rebecca Grabill's "Of Making Many Books." She's such a good writer, and that skill showed up in her infrequent, but delightful posts.

Mirtika said…
That header for Swinging from the Vine is...DIVINE! I love it!

Okay, maybe I should be commenting on content, but dang if that's not a gorgeous header.

Carmen Andres said…
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Carmen Andres said…
mir, your header is more than cool (and the content of your blog's cool, too).