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I just about had a heart attack when I came across this tidbit in Peter Chattaway's list of industry updates:

Nikki Finke reports that Battlestar Galactica, which was shooting its fourth and final season until the writers' strike got in the way, may be one of several series that ends up being cancelled altogether, now that a "brawl" is beginning to brew between the studio and the actors whose careers have been put on indefinite hold without pay. --Deadline Hollywood Daily
Not everyone is taking the Daily's line. E's spoiler queen Kristen bequeaths this opinion: "Battlestar Galactica is Sci Fi's crown jewel, so it's likely that no matter what happens, BSG will be permitted to finish its run." Man, I hope she's right. BSG has long been on this blog's list of television programs bringing God-talk into open spaces, and I for one would be miffed not to see it finished up properly.
(Image: SciFi Channel)