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Food for thought: The church isn't a system

From Wayne Jacobsen's Lifestream Blog:
One of the things we focused on this weekend is that the best expressions of church life do not form in models imposed on people by others who think they know what is best for them. The best expressions of church life rise out of friends and friends of friends that Jesus connects together. In other words the church is not something we build by our efforts, but rises naturally out of people learning to live in his love and sharing that love with others around them. It is hard for some folks to see that, since we have the idea that if we can just embrace the most Godly system we’ll see the church rise in glory. The fact is the church isn’t a system at all, but an extension of the relationships we have with other believers and seeing how Father directs those in that which he might ask us to do and discover together…
(Image: my daughter's sidewalk art)