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Blog notes & God-talk

"The truth is, most of us Christians have very little sense of art or story. We've lost any aesthetic standards, starting with what we are doing in our own churches in the arts. We are going to have to trust our artists to be "prophetic voices" for us . . . ." Barbara Nicolosi on Christians Investing in Culture

"Personally, I don't fret about biotech because it's 'playing God.' Is God a molecular biologist in a lab coat? No matter how clever Silver and his colleagues are, I doubt they could ever really play God. My hesitations spring from the fact that I'm just not sure humanity is wise or mature enough to be monkeying around with these building blocks." Elliot musing on Chimps and clones and food

"What’s up for grabs in popular culture these days are definitions of nearly everything. What is life? What constitutes the well-lived day? What is primary when it comes to energy spent, resources allocated, and tasks undertaken? This question haunts us at the personal level, the corporate level, and certainly in the gatherings of the people of God." Jeff Berryman contemplating Busy and the Bottom Line

"Of course, if Hollywood decided to make a $20m action film about “the lost years” of Mohammed, I suspect there would be bombings and slayings somewhere in the world as a result. At the same time, the American media would be noisy with declarations that such a project was a show of “intolerance” and disrespect to Muslims. But this is Christianity, so… hey, let’s celebrate yet another fiction that’s bound to offend the believers! And if Christians dare furrow their brows, they’ll be described as enemies of freedom of speech." Jeffrey Overstreet reflecting on More movies about Jesus based on any source *except* the best one

"God doesn't fear this movie and neither should we." Melissa musing on The Golden Compass debate. (For this blogger's take, go here.)

"Mostly, though, I don't get why TORCHWOOD is so popular. Unless it's the fact that John Barrowman is so ridiculously good-looking that he appeals to all factions: straight men (who want to look that hot), gay men (who want to date him) and women (who drool when he's onscreen)." Mir commenting on the Doctor Who spin off. Strange thing is I came to almost the exact same conclusion when I was trying to figure out why the heck this series is still on the air.

"Really good TV shows, both of them." One of the many things on a delightful list of things for which the Parson is thankful. Heh, he needs to talk to me about this one, though—there’s definitely more than two really good TV shows out there! Really! No, I mean it!