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Another movie to keep your eye on

While I've been a comicbook film fan for eons, Hellboy didn't come on my radar until after Pan's Labyrinth made me a Guillermo Del Toro fan. A few weeks ago, I caught Hellboy on cable and must admit that I really enjoyed it, heh. Sure, it's got its B movie moments, but you can see Del Toro's touch--not the least of which is the film's threads of God-talk. Hellboy, through a series of events meant for evil, was inadvertently brought through a portal into this world as a newborn demon. But, raised in the loving care of a devout Catholic professor, Hellboy embraces his surrogate father's faith--which impacts his decisions at the end of the film. This thread brings out a series of themes related to faith, not the least of which is the power of love to transform what was meant for evil into good.

Well, I've been slow on the uptake once more and only realized yesterday that Hellboy II: The Golden Army is in the works. So, heads up comicbook film buffs and those interested in God-talking films: This one just could be another combination of the two.

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Lauren W said…
Hellboy 2? Oh, Carmen, I really need to get you back in the bookclub.
Carmen Andres said…
have you SEEN hellboy I?! it's DEL TORRO, for goodness sake! i think it's even clipworthy material for the stuff you guys do, heh. seriously! but i do miss the bookclub. a lot. and you! take care.