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TV Snapshots: 'Heroes'

Haitian: I do not want your cure.

Mohinder: Without it, you could die.

Haitian: God gave me a power. I abused his gift, so he took it away. Now I suffer his judgment.

Mohinder: Then perhaps we should leave it to God to decide. Chances are you carry one of a hundred viruses I can do nothing about, but if you somehow carry this one virus, there is only one cure, a distillation of my own blood. And I was guided to you. Surely that's a sign, just the same as your suffering.

Haitian: A sign of what?

Mohinder: That God isn't quite done with you yet. So my friend, shall we see if he still offers redemption?

(Heroes, Episode 2: Lizards; image copyrighted by NBC) heroesctgy


SolShine7 said…
Wasn't that scene cool?!?! This is exactly why I like Heroes so much. The plot is really starting to heat up.