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'Serenity' sequel?!?!

I just about spewed my coffee onto my laptop when I read the juicy tidbit (hat tip Looking Closer) that the Firefly universe may yet return to the big screen once more.

What is Firefly, you may be asking? Oh my goodness, if you are I almost envy you because you have the opportunity to watch for the very first time one of my most favorite sci-fi series of all time. A Joss Whedon creation, the Western-in-space-style series follows the crew of the Firefly-class spaceship Serenity (also the title of a film following the same characters), a thrown-together group of rengades each fleeing or rebelling against the rather tyranical Alliance. The series had great characters, witty dialogue and entertaining and often thought-provoking episodes (which often included and produced much God-talk). The series was cancelled after only 11 episodes, but has an incredible fan base which gives it a cult status.

So, here's one blogger hoping the rumors are true.

(Image: Sci-Fi Channel)