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More religion headed to the small screen

Comingsoon ran a blurb that Fox picked up a pilot called The Church of Reggie:
The project revolves around Reggie Fender, a young man who has kept an optimistic look on life even after experiencing a number of personal struggles. His take on life eventually catches on with others -- and all of a sudden he finds himself preaching his own religion. . . .

"I have no interest in taking potshots at organized religion in any form," [writer and executive producer Chuck] Tatham said. "My interest is in personal beliefs, whatever gets you through the night. There is a fairly significant number of people looking for ways to survive emotionally and philosophically."
Movieweb adds this from Tatham:
"I've been toying with this idea of contemporary society's search for something to believe in, and the idea that sometimes less conventional avenues can provide what our souls are starved for."
Interesting. And sure to generate lots of God-talk.



Not to be off topic but I couldn't find an email address for ya'! LOL

There's a debate going around our homeschooling blog about the upcoming movie of the first book in Phillip Pullman's Dark Matter trilogy: The Golden Compass.

Before I posted my initial response, I came here to see what your take on it was. I was unable to search successfully for anything you may have posted about it.

I'm still wondering whatcha think and if I'm WAY off-base that it isn't nearly as anti-Christian as many others seem to feel.

Carmen Andres said…
beth, i've been meaning to post on this and i just haven't, but you've spurred me on. i'll pull together some stuff and put it online either today or tomorrow. a heads up though: most of the folks i talk with and read are pretty much saying the first book is great, but the themes and plot of the second two are progressively anti-theistic.
It is great to come across yet another blog that touches on topics of religion and popular culture, and in particular religion and science fiction.

I was just interviewed on the TheoFantastique blog. You may find it interesting. Here's the link: