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Dearth of posts

There's been a shortage of posts on this blog lately. That's because we've been dealing with those pesky germs making their way through the classrooms of my children. First it was my daughter, then my son, then my husband, and now my daughter again. In addition, I'm in the midst of a 3-month weekly column assignment. By the time I make it through caring for the ill, crunching out a column, the ever-growing mounds of laundry, containing the mess that is our home and putting out all the fires--er, running all those errands needed to maintain our family--I'm exhausted with little left. And it's only October. Oiy.

(Image: Wikipedia, public domain)


Lauren W said…
I'm finally posting. One day I hope my blog is half as interesting as yours.
Benjamin Ady said…
is that mercury? yikes.