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Coming soon to a multiplex near you

Hat tip to Peter Chattaway for scooping up (man, how does that guy stay on top of all this stuff so quickly -- I have rss feeds sitting on my desktop and his post hit before any of them) Variety's news that Ron Howard is "fast-tracking" his next Dan Brown thriller onto the big screen. You might remember the last one: The DaVinci Code? Heh. (This blog has a plethora of posts--way too many, in fact--on the phenomenon, if you're interested.)

Angels & Demons (the novel is actually a prequel to DVC, but most likely will be filmed as a sequel) probably won't cause as much controversy as the last one, though it's themes and plot still revolve around religious issues. The Wikipedia site on the novel gives a basic intro:
The basic plot is a classic race against time to find a hidden bomb and hunt down a serial killer in Rome. As its backdrop, the book debates the question about which is to be trusted - science or religion. It purports to show how the Vatican works as the plot to blow it up is uncovered during the conclave, revealing hidden secrets and mysteries as the story unfolds.
For more, go here. Interestingly, the Wikipedia site also has a section regarding accuracy of the novel and a link to another page describing the novel's "divergence from reality." Heh.

(Image: Pocket Books)