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Book giveaway

Heads up: that wonderful Cuban-American blogger in Miami (glad you're back, Mir!) is giving away another book - all you need to do to enter is leave a comment on the post. I haven't read the book ("a Christian fiction medical thriller") but Mir says she'll post a review today sometime.

A couple of years ago, I was a panalist on a televised book club that reviewed books from a Christian perspective and we read quite a few novels put out by Christian publishers. Truthfully, I'm not all that thrilled with most of the fiction that comes out of Christian publishing houses, but I have come across a few good ones--like Touches the Sky by James Calvin Schaap. So, I'm always willing to give a book a chance. Especially if it's free. Heh.


Mirtika said…
Honestly, I have loved very few CBA titles. I have enjoyed several, but loved? Hmm.

I have seen the evolution. I've seen less preachiness, more craft, more reality creep in. :)

This novel is not a thriller. (My thoroughish review is up, btw.) It's a medical drama slash family drama. It has a bumpy opening, but by the middle, I really was hooked and wanted to know how things turned out.

The characterization is not high-level, literary. Cultural stuff is less evident than I would have supposed since it has minority characters in important positions in the story. But then, we don't want to be hammered with cultures, either. IT's a tightrope.

Once I was about a third of the way in, I began to genuinely enjoy it and feel the narrative drive. But I wouldn't judge it by the opening chapters.