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Another OA post

I have another post up at Off the Map's Ordinary Attempts blog (recently overhauled). This post dovetails off and expands on something I ran across while writing a column for another publication. Funny how things connect like that, heh. Anyway, as always, I'm honored and blessed to contribute to Off the Map and encourage you to give it a visit.


Shanilie said…
Hi! I came across your blog randomly today and really enjoyed it! It is so fun meeting other Christian moms online. Please feel free to pop by my blog some time.
Carmen - is this connected to the "Evangelism Without Additives" you recommended a while back? When you posted before about that book, I put it on my wish list and it arrived last week. Thinking about doing it for an adult Bible study at my church.
Carmen Andres said…
beth, yes! it's henderson's site - and i would whole-heartedly support an adult bible study on that book!

shanilie, thanks for stopping by - and i'll be sure to check out your site!