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Another 'Mummy' pic

This one of Jet Li on his way to rouse his evil minions. From Rob Cohen's blog. For why this blog is following this film, see here.


Mirtika said…
I loved THE MUMMY when I saw it in the theater. And I"ve enjoyed it wildly many times. Own the DVD. Part is that I've had a mad crush on Brendan Fraser since, oh, his days as Tarzan and Mr. Winterbourne, etc. What a cutiepie!

And I loved it cause the romance is adorable, it's funny, it's got a rollicking pace, and, heck, it's ARCHEOLOGY!!! Plus, yes, let me say it again: Funny. Let's also say this: Oded Fehr.

Add Jet Li, and my ovaries say: When's it out?

What's not to like?