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Meet Gabrielle

The low off the coast of the Carolinas has organized itself enough to be named Subtropical Storm Gabrielle. This storm has a track in our direction (Virginia), but it'll probably turn back out to sea before it gets here.

In an embarrassing show of my geek-dom, everytime I hear this storm's name I can't help thinking of the Gabrielle of Xena fame, a 1990s campy television series which desconstructed everything from Greek and Roman myths to fairy tales to Bible stories--and brought into the mainstream names like producer/director Sam Raimi (who directed the recent Spiderman films) and Bruce Campbell (who already had a geek following of fans of Raimi's cult-favorite Army of Darkness). Heh, I talked about the show so much that the pastor of the church I was attending at the time got me a Xena poster signed by Lucy Lawless from one of his friends who did sound for the show. Not your typical pastor.

Who'd have thunk there'd be a connection between tropical storms and the Warrior Princess. Urm.

(Images: storm photo from; Rene O'Connor as Gabrielle, copyrighted)