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Food for thought: It ought to work

From Scot McKnight's A Community Called Atonement:
This generation is tired of an old-fashioned atonement theology that does not make a difference, of an old-fashioned atonement theology that is for individual spiritual formation but not for ecclesial re-formation, and of an old-fashioned atonement theology that does not reconcile humans with humans. This generation of students doesn't think the "I'm not perfect, just forgiven" bumper sticker is either funny or something to be proud of. They believe atonement ought to make a difference in the here and now. Christians, they say, aren't perfect but they ought to be different--at least they ought to be if the atonement works. They think it ought to work.

So do I.
(Image: mine)


Benjamin Ady said…
Scott Mcknight so often nails it, doesn't he? I love that. I wanted to go to that thing with Madelaine L'engle at SPU, but I had previous committments. If you're in Seattle again, my wife and I would love to have you over for dinner! I suppose there's no chance you're coming to off the map's hear listen connect conference in Seattle in early November?
Carmen Andres said…
thanks for the invite! and, unfortunately, i can't make seattle :( i'll look forward to hearing what comes out of it!