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'Eureka' gets another season

ComingSoon reports that SciFi has greenlit another season of one of this blogger's favorite series, Eureka. A kind of "dramady," the series follows a community of genius scientists that live in a secreted community in the Pacific Northwest called Eureka (hence, the title). It's well-written, funny and engaging--plus it's dealt with a number of themes of interest to this blog, including what makes and goes into community and why it is so important to us.

But recently, I've particularly enjoyed the second season (which is just concluding) because one of the characters, Allison Blake, is walking down a road that she knows is wrong for all the "right reasons." She wants to protect her son, who has somehow connected with and is being changed by an ancient or alien artifact. But in doing so, she's started to lie, decieve and make decisions she never would have a year before--and her actions are begining to hurt other people.

Contrast that with another character, Sherrif Jack Carter, who is not a genius but gifted nevertheless. He's got a knack for putting things together and solving mysteries--and for doing the right thing even at cost to himself or those he cares about. He's by no means perfect and he's fudged the line more than once, but he always makes the right decision from the gut. It's who he is. There's background to Carter and Allison, in particular a past-future (it's complicated, don't ask) in which they were married with a kid on the way. That all got washed away when Carter made one of his right decisions for the right reasons. It cost him a lot--a life with someone he deeply loved and a child yet to be born--but he sacrificed to do the right thing, and that saved lives.

It's stories like this--exploring the roads we walk and why we walk them and the world and life that results due to the many choices we make along the way--that makes shows like this engaging. (Plus, I gotta admit, it's just down right entertaining.) So, I'm glad there's more of the story on the way.
(Image: Sci-Fi Channel) eurekactgy