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Blog notes & God-talk

The other day, I was hovering about Elliot’s blog and noticed that he has a short and sweet way of summing up his blog wanderings. So, if he doesn’t mind, I’m going to borrow it (imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all that). Here’s what’s caught my eye recently:

"Maybe it means she was the atheist saint; maybe she just needed some antidepressants." Elliot on a Time article focusing on the recently released writings of Mother Teresa

"Argh. This really sounds more complicated than it's worth." Peter Chattaway on the Star Trek XI alternate timeline plotline rumor

"The play doesn't show the point of friendship as being remaking our friends. It isn't us being tactfully corrective that is the grace here. It's the power in sheer delight. Being delighted in propels you into being better. In a paradoxical way, being embraced as you are gives you the power to be able to change, as in grow." Barbara Nicolosi ruminating on seeing Wicked again

"The other side of this is that the meeting culture breeds a dependency. People go to church meetings for a spiritual lift and for teaching, but for many people that's it. There is no struggle with trying to find God in the everyday life - we don't expect to meet him there. There is no struggle with difficult questions, because the answers will be provided by the Pastor. There is no struggle to live differently, because the Church meeting provides the contact with God, the worship, teaching and witness." David as he wonders if church is bad for faith

"A soul friend provides sanctuary — a safe place to reveal, to ponder, and to learn — and confession — so that the words may be heard in an audible way making us more aware of our sins and accountability." Scot McKnight on the need we have for an anamchara

"It is very easy to be misguided by self-expectations and the expectations of the church. When you listen to these voices over being in the presence of God and loving out of that presence, well.... things get messed up." Melissa on reading Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mark Yaconelli

"I love the freedom that this journey brings to people, who no longer feel the need for like-minded people to join their comfort zone, but to be free to love people wherever they are in this journey." Wayne Jacobsen at his Lifestream Blog

"Time to shower." GetReligion’s Douglas LeBlanc after hashing through Entertainment Weekly’s countdown of “The 25 Biggest Celeb Scandals Since 1982.”

"My experience is that when it comes to the practice of the spiritual life, it seems that many people are in fact all too content to be 'just average' and don’t particularly feel a need to strive towards anything more." Alan Ward in an article at Next-Wave Ezine (okay, it’s not a blog, but it’s still worth noting)