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Where the Doctor gets some of his God-talk

A big hat tip to Elliot over at Claw of the Conciliator for an interesting piece of insight into fav-of-this-blog Doctor Who, a British export about the eccentric Doctor, the last of the Time Lords who travels through time and space with an always-changing human companion (or two). Turns out there's at least one explanation for the God-talk that some of us find in the series: "Paul Cornell, a writer for the show, is married to a theologian, and he consciously uses theological concepts." For the full skinny, see Elliot's post.

I've only seen one episode penned by Cornell (the other is on my DVR, I believe). But he must not be the only one who writes with Christian concepts in mind: The Satan Pit and The Lazarus Experiment are just two that come to mind right away. Then there's one of my favorite God-talk episodes, New Earth. . . .

Anyway, thanks for the heads up, Elliot (and what do you mean that you haven't seen any episodes of the new series?!?).

(Image: copyrighted by BBC) doctorwhoctgy


Elliot said…
I'll remedy that, I promise!