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Overflowing the banks

From a letter written by Brother Lawrence to a nun in The Practice of the Presence of God: Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection:

I take this opportunity of aquainting you with the opinions of one of our friars upon the consequences and helps that have resulted from his practice of the presence of God. . . .

He often complains of our blindness, exclaiming at our piteousness in that we are satisfied with so little. God, he says, has infinite treasure to bestow and we are satisfied by a passing moment of devout feeling; we are blind, and our blindness stays the hand of God when He would pour out abundance of grace. But when He finds a soul imbued with a living faith, he floods it with grace which, like a stream dammed up and finding a new outlet, spreads abundant waters far and wide.

Yes, indeed, we often stop these healing waters by our indifference to them. Let us check their course no longer . . . let us go down into them, destroy the bank, and make a way for grace; let us atone for lost time; maybe we have but little longer to live; death is never far away, we die once only, let us be prepared.