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Meet Dean

While we were living in the Deep South, we were in the path of several hurricanes (albeit about 150 miles inland). The worst for the region was, of course, Katrina, but it skirted our area and we felt little immediate effect from the storm. (Church and community resources were the ones that felt the impact of that storm. The church I attended in Montgomery is still sending crews down to the coast to do renovation and cleanup.) For us, the worst storm was Ivan, which pretty much maintained hurricane strength as it roared through our area. Trees went down, houses and businesses suffered damage, power went out, and winds plowed through. My respect for these storms greatly increased during those hours—and I only experienced the tale end of its fury.

Well, we moved to the upper South in May—and turns out that we might be in the path of another, only this time, we’re less than 100 miles from the coast. Oiy. Time to get the supplies together again—and I guess I’d better hurry. Heh, even as I was typing this up, Dean went from a tropical depression to a tropical storm. Dr. Jeffrey Masters of Wunderground says Dean seems likely to become a strong hurricane (Category 3) that may hit the mid-Atlantic or New England Coast as early as next Tuesday. Of course, this early in a storm’s development it’s hard to predict its path, so it could also cross Florida and hit Texas, too.

So, folks, if you live in hurricane country, get yourselves prepared. Mir, that includes you!

(Image: Wunderground)


Mirtika said…
Late summer sucks really,really bad. August always makes me edgy. September, ugh.

I guess you heard my wail all the way up there, huh?