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Logan's running again

Comingsoon taps into the Hollywood Reporter news that Logan's Run is back up and running. According to the Comingsoon, the movie is expected to be closer to the novel than the 1976 film version, tackling the idea "of the 'greater good' and people devoting themselves to an ideology blindly, while keeping the novel's concepts of runners, Sanctuary and gangs outside the system." Which is a lot of what the 1976 film did, but the book (which I haven't read)--which originates a much darker vision--supposedly does somewhat more.

The 1976 film is one of my favorites (I just ordered a copy a couple of days ago) because of its themes about blindly adhering to a system or ideology--and how an unexamined faith can lead to some dangerous and harmful actions both individually and in larger society and take on a life of its own. (Other science fiction films deal with this, too, including two favs of mine: Matrix and Chronicles of Riddick.) Watching Logan and Francis struggle with coming to terms with this (or, in Francis' case, resisting it) speaks volumes to our own lives. If you're a reader of this blog, you know that I've been exploring how adhering to a religion and walking in relationship with God are two very different things--and I find this film opens up a plethora of God-talk on that theme.

So, I for one, am looking forward to seeing how this film turns out.

Update: If you're interested in the who's who, commercial director Joseph Kosinski (see samples of his work here) has signed on as director (Superman Return's director Bryon Singer was previously attached) and Tim Sexton (Children of Men) is penning the script.

(Image: copyrighted by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor)