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It's hot

It's 1:30pm and we've reached 92F degrees/98F "heat index" (that's what the humidity makes it feel like). We're scheduled to reach 100F, which will put us at 105F-110F heat index. Now, I grew up in Arizona (heh, I once drove an unairconditioned car to and from work during a summer break from college), so temps over the century mark usually aren't that big a deal to me--especially in the West where it's a "dry" (low humidity) heat (yes, it does make a difference). But when temps broach that barrier in the South, I just about die. Call me a whimp, but it's seriously like walking into a sauna when you open your front door. Needless to say, the kids and I spent the morning at the pool and we'll be spending this afternoon in house. Oiy.

(Image: NASA)