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Look what walked down our street

So, I'm typing away on my laptop, look out the living room window, and what do I see? A deer walking on the sidewalk in front of my house. Gorgeous. I grabbed the camera and crept outside, catching the above (very blurry, I admit) photo of it munching flowers in my neighbor's yard (that's the edge of my garage and the top of my car in the foreground). When it was done, the deer meandered down the street (below) and disappeared around the corner. Virginia really knows how to do its green spaces. Beautiful.

(Images: mine)


Mirtika said…
What was that? Snape's patronus?

; )

Couldn't resist.

Carmen Andres said…
heh, you're not the only one overlapping the HP universe with our own. today, i walked by a trinket shop that had "charms" written on a sign in the window. "how odd," i thought, "a trinket shop selling wizard charms. i wonder what hermione would think of that?" it took a sec, but i laughed when i came back to the real world.
revabi said…
Well who would have thunk it in DC?

Nice pic even if blurry.