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It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, perhaps a testament to the desert that is called summer television. Anyway, here’s a few things coming up with potential to bring God-talk into open spaces:

Saving Grace (TNT, June 23, 10pm EST) Billed as a Touched by An Angel for grown-ups, this Holly Hunter drama follows Grace Hanadarko, a self-destructive and “cynical police detective facing a personal crisis of divine proportions:”
It all catches up with her one night when, as she’s driving too fast after too many drinks, she hits a man who is walking along the road. In an uncharacteristic moment, Grace asks for help, and she gets it – in the form an unconventional angel named Earl (Leon Rippy, Deadwood). Earl tells Grace that she is in trouble and running out of chances, but he wants to help lead her back to the right path. The journey, for both of them, will not be an easy one.
I’m finding myself a bit cynical since I recently viewed an episode of Hex (a British show that centers on a battle between angels, fallen-angels and witches) which left a really bad taste in my mouth. (That’s a subject for another post, but suffice to say Hex’s universe is way too far from the biblical one for my tastes; Buffy, Angel and even Fallen (see below) were much, much closer). Maybe Grace will do better. (A bit of warning: the time of night this is being shown underscores that the show has elements that are not suitable for children and may offend adult viewers.)

Fallen. (ABC Family, August 3-5, 8pm EST) These three episodes are a continuation of last year’s original miniseries of the same name that chronicles the story of orphan and high schooler Aaron Corbett who discovers on his 18th birthday that he’s a Nephilim (half angel/half human). I actually enjoyed the original miniseries and wrote a couple of posts about it last year (see here and here). Here’s the scoop on the upcoming episodes, according to Futon Critic:
In Part One, which originally aired July 2006, Aarons discovery that he is not only a Nephilim but that he is The Redeemer forces him to leave behind his adoptive family, who have been put in harms way, leaving viewers to wonder what will happen next as Aaron heads out into the world with only Camael (Rick Worthy) to protect him.

With all-new hours, Parts Two and Three rejoin Aaron and Camael as they to clash in epic angelfire battles with The Powers, who continue to be fervent in their crusade to obliterate Aaron. Now that The Fallen know Aaron is The Redeemer, they seek him out at every turn. But each time he redeems a fallen angel an incredible force of energy emanates and The Powers are drawn to them once again. All the while, Aarons inner turmoil rages on as he grapples with the moral fortitude of his actions. . . .
There’s lots more if you’re into spoilers.

Masters of Science Fiction. (ABC, August 5, 10pm EST) The first in this anthology—“A Clean Escape”—airs next week. In the story, “set not too far in a post-Apocalyptic future, psychiatrist Dr. Deanna Evans (Judy Davis) interrogates a distinguished, if befuddled, man (Sam Waterston) who appears to be suffering from a lapse in memory. Why can't he remember - and why is it so important that she uncover the secret he holds deep inside?” The story is based on one written by John Kessel. Why add this to a God-talk blog watch list? As I've said before, the sci-fi genre often touches on relevant themes and issues regarding what it means to be human, which inevitably gets to themes of religion or faith--and that brings God-talk into open spaces. The Masters of Science Fiction seems to promise the same opportunities.

And that’s all, folks.