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Contemplating Harry Potter

As I've mentioned before, I'm a fan of the HP books and universe. But I must admit, I've only managed brief looks in on the current buzz regarding the fate of the novels' hero (will or won't he die in the final book due to release this month) and the conversation in Christian circles regarding that fate or the HP universe.

So, it was great delight I perused Terry Mattingly's GetReligion post, Potter disciples await holy day. I learned a lot (illustrating just how much I haven't been keeping up), including author J.K. Rowlings' self-admit that she's a Christian, the symbolism behind that magestic stag and Mattingly's own reasons for hoping Potter walks the road of the hero he's destined to be. If you're HP fans (and even if you're not), check it out.

And Mr. Mattingly, thank you. You're a true delight to read. Blessings.