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'Evan Almighty' interviews

The press is warming up for the upcoming big-screen modern-day Noah's Ark (and film this blog's been following) Evan Almighty. For a good morsel, read FilmChat's Peter Chattaway's reccount of a recent interview with cast members at Christianity Today. My favorite quote? From director Tom Shadyac--here y'go:
Someone asks what God would warn us about now, if we could speak to him. "What do I think he would warn us?" Shadyac replies. "Well, I think he would say, 'I've already warned you.' I always had a dream about Jesus, looking me dead in the eye, when I was very young, and he said, 'I never knew you.' Right into the gut and the soul. It's already out there, it's been said. I don't think he needs to say much more. We need to listen to what's been said, we need to incorporate and act on what's been shown us through the lives of others and the written word."
Read the rest of the article here.

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Helen said…
Hi Carmen, I posted about Evan Almighty on Monday. I'd be interested in your thoughts on what I wrote.