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Attention comicbook fans

Comicbook hero Phantom is taking on the Lord’s Resistance Army and coming to the aid of Uganda’s emperiled children as a result of a collaboration between Moonstone Books and supported-cause-of-this-blog Invisible Children, an org dedicated to publicizing and ending the plight of children in Northern Uganda, where a war waged by Joseph Kony’s LRA has displaced over one million Ugandans and kidnapped tens of thousands of children. IC—founded by three filmmakers in their 20s—produced a film of the same name in 2003 and has since created and spearheaded several large-scale, nation- and world-wide events to draw attention to and faciliate political action towards stopping the crisis.

For more on the plight of Northern Ugandans (and how you can add your voice), you can start by visiting IC’s site, Wikipedia or see this blog’s posts—or just Google it.

For more about the comic, see IC's blurb, CBR's Comic Wire or Moonstone's site.

(Image: Moonstone Books)