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Splashing a bit with the 'Lady in the Water'

Mir—my favorite Cuban-American blogger (okay, I’ll admit she’s one of my favorite bloggers period)—has a nice piece up on Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water (a film this blog really liked) at Speculative Faith entitled Archetypes and Spiritual Gifts in LADY IN THE WATER: The Story that Saves A Life. Here’s a bit:
What stood out for me in M.N.S.'s critically-battered film is his overt use of archetypes, bringing the story into fable and allegory country, and how some of those gifts meshed nicely with the Christian concept of spiritual gifts—that believers are endowed with abilities in order to accomplish the goals of Christ for the church and the world, gifts we may be unaware of until we begin serving and they come to light by their effectiveness and how fulfilled we feel in putting them to use.
We all, if we are Spirit-indwelt, have a gift or gifts. And when we don't use them, something ends up crippled, because the Body needs all its part working to be in tip-top evil-fighting and good-edifying form.
Now, go and splash a bit in Mir’s musings.

(Image: screencapture copyrighted by Warner Bros)


Mirtika said…
Aw, thanks. I love being a fave!

And hey, you got a pic. I should have posted a pic! ::pout:::