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The latest additions to my collection

They arrived in the mail a week apart. That raises my poster-collection count to 10 (nine of which are original one-sheets) which also includes: Out of Africa, Room with a View, Contact (a reprint), Chronicles of Narnia, Ghost, Signs, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship, and The Mummy. A few of them (especially LOTR: Fellowship, which is now worth almost eight times what I paid for it) have actually increased in value, which makes me giggle. My husband just rolls his eyes, heh. So, why did I pick these particular films? They each bring God-talk into open spaces, of course. And I also really enjoy them as stories.


Oooh. Ilike both.

I would probably collect posters if I had a place to hang them. But, I have a hard time finding space for my fantasy art.