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Cinco de Mayo tunes

Here’s some music I’m listening to on this national holiday of Mexico’s. While they aren't specifically Mexican exports, they carry the flavor of the day:

Tortilla Soup. This compilation (songs both in Spanish and English) is from the movie of the same name (and one of my favs), a remake of Ang Lee’s Eat Drink Man Woman (which I’ve also seen). Tortilla Soup (the film) follows a Mexican-American widower (who’s also a killer chef) and his three daughters in Los Angeles. It is a feel-good film with themes of family, love, the importance of relationships, embracing your gifts and the process of finding your place in life. One of the sisters is even a practicing Catholic, so a little God-talk makes it into the film. It’s got a 72% rating on Rotten Tomatoes scale (which compiles critic reviews). The CD also comes with recipes from the film—and I’m hoping that someday I’ll have a kitchen like Martin’s in which to cook them, heh.

Music of Barrios. This CD has 21 songs featuring Grammy winner classical guitarist David Russell. I really enjoy classic guitar, especially with a Spanish flair. This one is perfect for playing in the background when you read, cook or entertain.

Gracias A LaVida (Here’s to Life). This CD features 14 Spanish-language songs sung by folk singer/songwriter Joan Baez. She made studio album in 1974. While I don’t understand most of lyrics, I find her voice and the music particularly beautiful. One of these days I want to collect the translations of all the songs.