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New life

My eight-year-old daughter was baptized on Sunday. It was so beautiful.

And I was awed. Watching her smile, laugh, go under and then rise from the water was a brand new experience for me—an encounter with the Kingdom like none other I’ve stumbled on. It was a thin place. A whiff of Love. A taste of Light. Like the smell of a sea you can’t yet see or the scent of desert rain still a ways off yet sure to come. Like a shimmer of light in Lorien or a depth of green in Narnia. Something not to be grasped but simply walked in. Like a mist, only one of fine crystals of diamonds, glimmering and sure.

It was so beautiful.


Congrats - to you and to her! Hope I get to experince the same!
Shawna Renee said…
Congratulations. And what a beautiful description.
Sally said…
wonderful, wonderful, I am so happy for you! both.... ;-)
Leah said…
What a beautiful description for one of life's - and God's - most graced and most amazing events! Congrats to both of you!
Mother Laura said…
Yes, congratulations to her and her catechists, especially Mom. And thank you for sharing this lyrical picture of a most joyous and sacred moment.
Leah said…
Hi again Carmen...I couldn't find an email for you on this blog or in your profile, but I love the baptism photo and would like your permission maybe to use it, esp since I blog a lot about baptism!

Please let me know, and any credits I need to include if I post it; you can find my email on my blogger profile. Thanks!