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Looking in on FoxFaith

FoxFaith has a featurette up on Saving Sarah, a film adaptation of Beverly Lewis’ The Redemption of Sarah Cain. Select the film from the sidebar, and then select the featurette icon at the bottom of the blurb about the film. The video features interviews with the actors, behind the scenes glimpses and some scenes from the film, which is due out in August, I think.

Earlier this year, FoxFaith released Thr3e, The Last Sin-Eater and The Ultimate Gift, all of which did not do well at the box office (or with critics). Last fall, however, their cooperation with Gen8xion produced semi-respectable box-office receipts and some good reviews for One Night with the King, a film this blog liked too.

There’s not much on upcoming films in the FoxFaith arena besides Saving Sarah; The Final Inquiry (the drama set in the first century surrounding the resurrection of Jesus is a re-release of L’ Inchiesta) is still in a “coming soon” holding pattern.


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