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A living Person

Recently, I ran across Keith Strohm’s blogs (yes, he actually has more than one), and as I read through recent entries I came across this in one of his posts:
What we offer the world is Truth. Not an abstract principle, or a set of equations, but rather a living Person--the Source of Life and Being Himself. In such a way, we should be conscious, then, of being possessed by this Truth, rather than claiming any sort of ownership ourselves.
Amen! Too often we make our faith a principle, system or way of life (a.k.a., a religion) rather than a focusing on and trusting and living and breathing in Jesus. When we grasp—even just a little—that our trust is in a Person it begins to shake and shift and radically transform the way we live. All the rules change and that Kingdom air sinks into our very cells.

Thanks for the reminder, Keith.

(Image: Public domain, from Gustave Dore's Jesus at the house of Mary and Martha)