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Go green with ‘Evan’

Coming Soon posted some interesting tidbits regarding the upcoming modern day Noah story and Bruce Almighty sequel, Evan Almighty. It seems the film is the “first major motion picture comedy to Go ZeroSM and ‘zero out’ the carbon emissions generated through the production of the film.” This is right up director Tom Shadyac’s alley as, according to Coming Soon, he’s got a good track record in “giving back”:
Director Tom Shadyac has long believed in giving back and is a committed supporter of numerous charitable organizations. In addition to being one of the most successful directors in Hollywood—with credits including Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Nutty Professor, Liar Liar, Patch Adams and Bruce Almighty—he is founder of bottled-water company HtoO, Hope to Others, which donates 100% of profits after taxes to charities around the world.
In line with the cast and crew commitment, there’s now a website out there that offers you a couple of chances to go green yourself. You can donate $5 and plant a virtual tree in the “Almighty Forest” (the funds go to the Conservation Fund) as well as see what your carbon footprint is. The site also offers “green news” and everyday green-friendly tips.

You can read more about Shadyac, whose films are often filled with God-talk, at Read the Hook and Christianity Today.

(Image: copyrighted by Universal Studios)