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Well, I spent about two weeks dealing with the flu (which developed into a sinus infection for me and an ear infection for my son, ack) but shook it all off in time to catch a flight to spend some four days in Virginia visiting a friend (my first trip out of town in almost three years!). She and her family have a house nestled into a hillside by the Rappahannock River outside of Fredericksburg and they were the most wonderful of hosts. It was a genuine time of fellowship, God-talk, rest and fun. Thank you, Karen!

However, as a result of the flu-sickness bout and my short retreat, there’s been a noticeable dearth of posts on this blog. (And thank you to those of you who noticed and inquired after my well-being—much appreciated!) That’s something I’ll hopefully correct over the next couple of weeks as I catch up on life, which is, all and all, good. I look forward to returning to everyday life, a true gift in itself.

(Image: the Rappahannock River from Karen’s house)