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I love words. And some words are better than others. Some words carry with them bursts of colors and shapes and creation. One of the best things about having kids is relearning a word like that—one you can’t ever remembering learning in the first place but must have somewhere along the way.

I relearned one of those words this week: tessellation. It’s also a verb: to tessellate. It involves putting shapes together so that there are no gaps in between them.

It’s one of the good ones, don’t you think?

(Image: copyright by David Annal from Tessellations; copyright info here)


susie said…
that is the most wonderful word---it holds little secrets and fairy dust sparkles in the sound of it, as if things are only fit together by a whispering magic.
Anonymous said…
Magical enough for Madeleine L'Engle to use as her word (similarly) to mean "to wrinkle" in time -she used tesser "to wrinkle"