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Reading more about an amazing Grace

Christianity Today just posted an interview with Grace Akallo from last October, when she addressed the Peace Within Reach gathering in Washington, D.C.

Who is Grace Akallo? She was one of 139 teenage girls kidnapped from their Uganda school dorm by members of Josheph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army. As mentioned numerous times on this blog, Kony fuels his army by abducting children and forcing them to be soldiers, laborers and sex slaves. According to World Vision, more than 30,000 have been kidnapped since the war’s beginning in 1987, and more than 1.7 million people have been forced into displacement camps, where food and water are scarce and disease is plentiful. But children aren’t safe even in these camps. So, up to 50,000 leave their homes and the camps each night and walk miles to cities and towns to sleep on sidewalks or, if they are lucky, a shelter where they lay on concrete floors with thousands of other children. This nightly routine has earned them the name “night commuters.” (For more information, see World Vision’s synopsis.)

After you read the CT interview, you can read more about Grace on this blog or at World Vision (and here) and The Washington Post. But don't just read. Really listen to her. And then pray about what you can do to help stop the suffering of children like her.

(Image: children in the conflicted region of Northern Uganda, USAID; public domain)


susie said…
carmie--the invisible children came to our church youth service two sundays ago and showed their movie. They said that the number of night comutting children is down to a trickle since the peace talks. I was so relieved to hear this! now IC is pushing for help for the (they say) 2 million displaced folks in refugee camps. They're promoting a nationwide camp-out called dis-place in about 15 cities in the US this spring.
World Vision on their site says nothing about things getting better for the night commuters, at least that I could find.
While visiting the WV site, I came across this sad statistic--worldwide there are 2 million child sex slaves. WV has a project to stop Child Sex Tourism.

Benjamin Ady said…
I guess you are aware that the ceasefire between LRA and the government of Uganda is ending today, after 6 months, with little glimmer of hope on the horizon for it to be further extended. This is terribly sad to me.

thankyou for helping publicize this issue!
Melissa said…
Carmen - Thanks for keeping this in the minds and hearts of your blog readers. It is important stuff.

God Bless - Melissa