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Oh Lord, have mercy on us

"We never thought to check on him," she said.

Update: "I didn’t really know him very well, but apparently nobody did."


Mirtika said…
Being the urban hermit that I am, I rarely venture out and I rarely talk to neighbors (though I did take some food to folks without electricity after our last big storm, and I did take a bag of seafood to a next door neighbor, since I can't eat seafood and I got it for free.)

If someone down the street disappeared, I wouldn't notice.

It was different when I lived with my parents in the old neighborhood. We always were chatting with neighbors, cause we always were out in the yard and so we were all out there.

Once people get apartmentized or more indoors-oriented (as a lot of urban folks tend to do), communications goes DOWN.

Reclusive types like me, we don't do well venturing out. IT's psychically semi-oppressive.

Plus we're taught to respect other people's privacy.

I do wonder at the more sanguine types in the neighborhood. The ones who would have chatted naturally and gone out and about. That's odd. Those types of folks notice who comes in and who moves out and yet, ....