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Looking forward to IV

Hat tip to Spielberg Films for the heads up on this poster by professional graphic artist Paul Shipper. You can view more of Shipper's work at his website,* which contains a good-sized collection of illustrations reflecting film, music and pop culture personalities and icons--including several more of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. A big thank you to Shipper from this blog for granting permission to post this image here.

I really like how Shipper puts no text on the poster except for “IV”—Ford is simply iconic in that hat and jacket. Also, personally, I like seeing the age in Ford's face. It tells a story all by itself. While not an official one-sheet, it does whet one’s appetite, heh.

At least two of the Indiana Jones films (I like to pretend II doesn't exist, heh) have generated plenty of God-talk, from the use of their biblical or religious treasures to themes such as the nature of faith (we’ve used the Last Crusade clip of Jones walking across the seemingly-invisible rock bridge in our contemporary worship service before), good versus evil, the quest for truth, and greed versus sacrifice. I’m looking forward to seeing what this next one generates.

*One note: the "GQ" section--which contains work commissioned by the publication--contains some images of a sexual nature.

(Image: Paul Shipper: