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Food for thought: Worldview confidence—or anxiety?

Hat tip to Mir for this excerpt from Confidence or Anxiety? on J.M. Bertrand’s blog:
Worldview confidence means acting as if what is asserted in your theology is true, and not just a case to be argued. This confidence includes a willingness to confront reality head-on, to face even the most difficult questions, trusting that nothing such honesty might uncover will topple the house of cards. Worldview anxiety, though, takes the "already, not yet" of the Kingdom and replaces it with "not yet, maybe never." It stage-manages reality to insure that all the questions are answered and certain problems are never faced. While it parades itself as a kind of faith, what it projects is quite the opposite. The impression worldview anxiety gives, when it finds its way into fiction, is that the perspective on display cannot stand up to scrutiny. It is, in a sense, self-refuting.
And that’s true in day-to-day life, too.

(Image: by fab4chiky at flickr; some rights reserved)