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'Amazing' gracing screens today

Amazing Grace (a film this blog’s been following) releases today, so here’s a quick run-down on the reviews out there:

Rotten Tomatoes lists and links to 45 reviews from the mainstream press, with 28 positive (giving it a 62% Fresh rating). In the Christian media arena, Christianity Today has an entire section on the film, including a review by Russ Breimeier (who gives the film 3.5 out of 4 stars). Christian Hamaker reviews the film at Crosswalk (“an amazing story, a reminder that believers are called to persevere through trials, and that we sometimes reap rewards in this life as well as the next”) Yo Snyder at Hollywood Jesus (who says the film is about a man “who truly grasped what grace is and why it’s so amazing—and how he made sure that all men could experience that grace in freedom”). At, Phil Boatwright found the film a bit disappointing (for what wasn’t in the film). Also, read Mollie’s take on a NY Times review at GetReligion—and then Peter Chattaway’s take on the same article. No reviews from Chattaway or Jeffrey Overstreet yet, but keep checking their sites.

Update: GetReligion's Mollie has another post, this one following comments on "how little religion was included in a movie about someone so religiously influenced."

Update #2: Jeffrey Overstreet's review is up at Looking Closer.

(Image: Bristol Bay via Wikipedia)