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Thoughtful tidbit in a film review

This morning, I was making my way through Christianity Today’s film reviews and came across this bit in Carolyn Arend’s review of Catch and Release (which she gave 2.5 stars out of 4), a romantic dramedy starring Jennifer Garner—on my list to see but most likely to be relegated to Netflix as Pan’s Labyrinth is the film we’re really aching to watch (and we can’t get out to more than one film a month). Anyway, it’s not like I haven’t heard this before, but I like how Arend’s puts it:
And, like so many other Hollywood films, physical intimacy is used as shorthand for emotional intimacy, over-simplifying relationships and complicating ethics. Perhaps this is an accurate reflection of the way sex is used in many real-world relationships, but it would be nice to see a portrayal of love developed another way.
Well said.